I BOUGHT A MACBOOK PRO after seeing everybody at NoFluffJustStuff (and having a few ‘Mac’ friends) using one and impressing their audience with the ability to zoom any window at will, pretty impressive KeyNote transition effects, and all the while using bash and the whole low-level, open-source, programming tools that I happen to love!

The most noticeable feature for me, after three days of using the MBP, was the fact that this powerful beast was not making any noise! I only realized this when someone used a Windows laptop near me. Incredible power in a very light, compact and incredibly thin layer of metal and plastic, and no zzzzz, rrrrr, fffff or even hhhh could be heard the whole time it was on!

Here are 5 things I like about it:

  1. It’s Unix under the covers. Type “ps -A” and you see all your processes!
  2. Immediately wakes up after opening it
  3. Automatically gets on the nearest wifi network
  4. Light and easy to carry
  5. Horizontal scrolling with the mouse (not all applications use the feature, though)

And now 5 things I don’t like:

  1. Bad support in general for keyboard shortcuts. A small but very revealing example. Start iWork Pages. Click Help / Keyboard Shortcuts. The page is empty!!
  2. I often have to type two keys when only one was needed in Windows. Example : open the menu: Ctrl F2 instead of Alt. The Finder is particularly bad with shortcuts. You would think the “default” action on a file, triggered by pressing Return, should be to open it. Wrong. The Finder assumes you want to rename the file. How many times a day do you rename a file on a Mac!?
  3. What about PageUp and PageDown? Two keys again!
  4. The Finder again: I could not find how to move a directory without the mouse
  5. Picasa is not available on the Mac

I am still learning and will be blogging about the MacBook Pro again. In the meantime, consider this post as it is: I am sharing my discoveries. Do not consider this a recommendation. Everybody has very different needs for a laptop… What are yours?

2006/06/18 Just a very quick update. Scott Davis gave me the following excellent blogs and posts about using the keyboard:

If you are a keyboard fan, here
are a couple of links for you.

Neal Ford blogs about figuring out how to right-click:

He also has a fun blog dedicated to Mac tips:


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