The best Web Framework, according to you…

Here‘s a little app that I wrote one year ago while studying the latest javascript best practices… It allows you to pick The Best Web Framework for your needs. But it does so from a psychological theory called the name-letter effect. After years and years of research and practice, this is the method I have used with the best success (for my ego).

Other methods of choosing a web framework include:

  1. Deciding which framework to choose and then coming up with reasons that you can provide managers,
  2. Deciding which framework to choose and then going through the list of strategies, picking the one whose result is the chosen framework,
  3. Asking your arch nemesis which framework s/he recommends and pick the main competing framework,
  4. Hiring an architect and ask him to find reasons to recommend the framework you have chosen, fire him/her if s/he does not comply,
  5. Looking at meta characteristics of frameworks and do a production-ready prototype (more on this in another, more serious, post)

Now, here’s your action item. You probably had to choose a web framework in your career as a senior developer/architect. What was it? Can you explain your choice using the name-letter effect theory? If so, I would love to hear about it! Don’t be ashamed- you didn’t know 🙂


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