Smarter Portal Inc.

Senior Architect/Team Lead, CSM (2007/06 – current)

  • Videotron: Senior Web Architect (2007/12 – current)
  • Trader Corp.: Architect/Team Lead (2007/06 – 2007/11)
    Agile Team Lead at CMTek on the YPG/Trader Corp Ad Editor project. Distributed team of senior architects, product specialists, developers and testers. The result was the successful deployment of a set of brand new applications: a custom Ad building web application in java and Ajax, a Data Asset Management system, webMethods 7 and a publishing platform!

    Java, AJAX, Spring, ACEGI, jBoss, Tomcat, Ant, SOAP, Apache Web Server, WebSphere, webMethods, Confluence, JIRA, Active Directory, Windows 2003, MEI, Wave2, XML, Javascript, Cumulus, Groovy, CSS, HTML

Optimum Informatique

Chief Technology Architect (2005/12 – 2007/05)

  • Agile Team Lead (9 java developers, 5 months)
  • Agile Project Manager, deployment of Active Directory (5 domains on 2 continents, 600 users, 5 months)
  • Intranet Portal development Agile Team Lead (3 months).
  • In parallel and as the Technology Architect, led or produced R&D studies in the areas of ECM/BCS, reporting engine, performance and automated functional testing, scripting languages, RIA, HP Alpha emulator, intranet portal, entreprise search, transition to production.

    Java, JEE, Eclipse, Java WebStart, Swing, jGoodies, Spring, ACEGI, Tomcat, Hibernate, WebLogic Server, Maven, TestNG, JRockit, SOAP, Apache Web Server, WebLogic Portal, Lucene, Alfresco, Confluence, Wiki, Active Directory, Windows 2003, MS Project, Compuware Test Partner, XML, Oracle DB, Jasper Reports, Ruby, Groovy, Tcl, PHP, Jprofiler, LDAP, SSO, Canoo, AJAX, JSF, Javascript, CSS, HTML, VMWare, Windows, Linux


Senior Agile Architect (2004/09 – 2005/10)

  • eXtreme Programming team member (2 weeks iterations)
  • Set up Continuous Integration for WebLogic domains
  • Designed the Secure Production Architecture for a large US broadband provider (4M subscribers)
  • Performance testing and tuning (2000 TPS)
  • Designed Web Portal and SOAP Web Services
  • Interface for prospects, customers and strategic technology partners

    SOAP, XML, OpenSSL, Agile, XP, Wiki, Java, J2EE (EJB, JMS, JUnit, HttpUnit, Castor XML, Cactus, Eclipse, Ant, Axis, JSP, Struts, Tiles), Grinder, Python, WebLogic Server, Oracle DB, PL/SQL, C++, Windows, Linux

BEA Systems (now Oracle)

Senior Principal Consultant (2001/05 – 2004/08)

  • Bell Canada: Agile Project Manager (team of 8, 9 months)
    The team successfully created and deployed the bell.ca large e-commerce site using Test Driven Development (jUnit), continuous integration, weekly iterations with demos
  • Bell Canada: Portal Lead Architect (7 months)
  • Architect/RUP Team Lead at Bell ExpressVu (6 months)
  • Lead Architect at Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (7 months)
  • Other customers include EDS, Telus SA, CIBC, Innovapost, Amdocs, TD Meloche Monnex, Toronto Public Library
  • Assisted sales of products and services (multi-M$ deals). Wrote a number of internal, peer-reviewed, white papers (400+ downloads). Published an article for the WebLogic Pro magazine on Continuous Integration with WebLogic Server.

    Java, J2EE (EJB, JSP, jUnit), RUP, Agile, UML, SSL, SSO, Netegrity SiteMinder, LDAP, IIS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Unix, Sun Solaris, WebLogic Commerce Server, WebLogic Server, MS Project, SQL Server

CMTek (now Abilis)

Senior Consultant, Practice Manager (1997/10 – 2001/04)

  • Architect at TD Meloche Monnex. Designed common components for insurance and customer profile mission-critical applications (3 years)

    Java, J2EE (WebLogic Server, EJB, JMS), Windows NT, VB, CORBA, ActiveX, Crystal Reports, C, Tuxedo, Oracle DB, AS/400, DMR P+, UML, TopLink, Together Control Center, Control-M, NatStar

Nat Systems

Developer, Senior Consultant (1993/03 – 1997/09)


Developer (1989/06 – 1992/12)


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