I would like to thank those who have written some kind words about me!

  • Olivier has a deep expertise and experience of what it takes to bring an E-commerce web site to world-class. Olivier is always looking for the latest and best approach to bring maximum value to end-users. Olivier has also a very good understanding of the business context, especially in the telecommunications industry. If you are really serious to build a great E-commerce web site, you should definitely have Olivier part of your architecture team.

    Nicolas Malo hired Olivier as a IT Consultant in 2008

  • I first worked with Olivier when I was a Senior Consultant at CGI. Olivier played a key role in the success of the project by providing strategic architecture and technical orientation. On top of being a person fun to work with, Olivier possesses extensive technical expertise, strong analytical skills and exemplary level of dedication.

    Patrick Leclair, Solutions Development Manager, Radialpoint, worked directly with Olivier at Radialpoint

  • Olivier is a highly effective, goal-oriented, technical manager. Across various pre-sales and post-sales engagements, he always ensure that his knowledge of the relevant technology was up to par, and demonstrated extremely sharp analytical skills.

    Daniel Jaliff, Consulting Practice Manager, BEA Systems, managed Olivier indirectly at BEA Systems

  • Olivier worked for me from 2001 to 2002. He was involved on a number of key, multi million dollar projects, playing different roles, from pre-sales/solution architect to lead project architect and project lead/manager. Olivier has always stepped up to the challenge and delivered on my expectations. I would hire him again and I highly recommend him.

    Fabrice Lebègue managed Olivier at BEA Systems

  • Olivier & I worked together on several projects where he was the project lead. In addition to his great technical ability, he was able to effectively manage the customer allowing developers to focus on their tasks and meet customer’s expectations. He has great analytical & troubleshooting skills; he can communicate complex technical concepts to audiences ranging from upper management to tech staff.

    Bangaly Traore worked indirectly for Olivier at BEA Systems

  • Olivier was a very focused and dedicated resource on the project I was managing. He exhibited the following key qualities: – Excellent project management skills, – Good communication and facilitation/client relationship skills.

    Anthony D’Alimonte was Olivier’s client

  • Olivier is an exceptionally competent architect. I worked closely with him to develop http://www.bell.ca, and collaborated on other occasions. He can be counted on to deliver the job, has a deep understanding of architecture issues, hands-on when programming is involved, and proactive when solving problems. He is well-liked and highly regarded by colleagues at BEA Systems.

    Vincent Yin worked directly with Olivier at BEA Systems

  • Olivier reported to me for most of the period that he was employed by BEA. His skill and expertise enabled me to progressively utilize him in a variety of challenging roles. Olivier dependably architected numerous successful solutions built with virtually all components of BEA and related-technologies.

    Geoff Ribek managed Olivier at BEA Systems

  • I managed Olivier during his first two years at Meloche Monnex. Olivier was the Technical Architect lead in the design and the development of reusable object oriented components and Subject Matter Expert in Natstar. Olivier is a very reliable and productive resource. His services represent an important asset to any program requiring quality and results

    Daniel Domingue managed Olivier indirectly at CMTek


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